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New Ark: A Chronicle of Civil Action is a publication of the Jerusalem Civilian Command Center – an all-volunteer organization supporting everyone affected by the outbreak of war on October 7, 2023. 


Our aim is to report on the efforts of the Jerusalem Civil Command Center and to reflect on how Israel’s response to the Hamas massacre is covered and debated across global media. New Ark acts as a vessel capturing this critical moment in Israeli society both locally and internationally – serving as a document that testifies to the many efforts taken on the ground to help the nation’s citizens ride out the flood.


We are a multilingual team of writers, journalists, scholars, and students of international policy and affairs with experience living both in Israel and abroad. We bring our varied perspectives together to focus on the gaps between discussions of Israel in the world and the situation as it unfolds around us. 


Editorial Board: Adiel Guggenheim, Holly Kemph, Eli Lederhendler, David Stromberg

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