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The damage of psychological warfare

One of the things noticeably missing is an examination of evidence from the massacre of October 7.

Press roundup from Germany, November 9, 2923

By Amos Grünstein

What’s being said

Various media are currently emphasizing the difficulty of the situation in Gaza. Many countries expect a humanitarian ceasefire, while Israel clearly responds that it would only be conceivable if all hostages were released. According to Israeli media reports, the Israeli army has encircled Gaza City. A command center is believed to be located under the city's largest hospital. Among other things, the media reports on short pauses that Israel provides almost daily to give civilians time to flee to the south of the Gaza Strip.

The Tagesschau reports daily on the important events and often talks to journalists who are in Israel about the situation of Israeli residents, for example, what their daily lives are like and how much they are affected by the war. Yet it always takes a few days for comments made by Israeli authorities to be authenticated. For example, according to the Tagesschau, the command center is "suspected" to be under a hospital, and the use of Gaza’s population as human shields is only "speculated."

As there are still many antisemitic events in Germany, this and the demonstrations on both sides are still regularly reported on. The Berliner Zeitung also has headlines on its site reading "Israel" in addition to the general reports, which are somewhat questionable. For example, "Israel wants control of Gaza: Is this the end of a Palestinian state"?

What’s not being said

One of the things that has been noticeably missing from recent reports is an examination of the many pieces of evidence and controlled images that exist from the war and from the October 7 massacre. These are hardly ever shown and contribute to the fact that there is often only "speculation." There is also a lack of further reporting into everyday life in Israel. There are currently many civilian organizations in Israel that are helping refugees and soldiers. There are no reports about the changes in the lives of people here. For example, the children whose parents are at war, everyday life with the missiles falling, and so on.

In addition, there has not yet been any detailed reporting on the psychological warfare that Hamas has waged and is still waging in order to emotionally disturb the Israeli population. The victims of that war are not reported on, although it will probably be very important in the future. There is also no reporting on the lives of the refugees from the south. So far, I have seen neither interviews nor reports that deal with the everyday lives of this traumatized population.

What we think

Headlines like "Israel wants control of Gaza: Is this the end of a Palestinian state?" can have very negative connotations. Israel clearly states in any statement about its desired control of Gaza that it will only be temporary until a peaceful government replaces Hamas. The headline is misleading for several reasons. The first reason is that a state of Palestine cannot only exist in the Gaza Strip, since Palestinians also live in West Bank areas controlled by the government of Mahmoud Abbas. The stated aim is not an end to a Palestinian state, but an end of the government of the terrorist organization Hamas. The second reason this headline is misleading is that the report itself does not repeat this statement openly or answer the question that is posed in the headline.

In addition, it would be important to have more comprehensive reports that, as mentioned, deal properly with everyday life in Israel. There is a lot of information that readers are not getting in Germany, where only the terrible everyday life and the manifold damage to the population of the Gaza Strip is shown. While these images are difficult, Hamas’s part in creating this situation, as well as the great damage suffered by the Israeli population, continues to be forgotten.

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