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What’s actually happening?

More detailed reporting can help the public develop a deeper understanding of the situation in the Middle East.

German Press Roundup 26.10.2023 By Amos Grünstein

What’s Being Said

Current reports in major German-language news media such as the Welt, the Tagesspiegel, and the Zeit focus on the Middle East conflict. These media provide regular updates and provide basic information to keep readers up to date. German politics is currently showing clear solidarity with Israel and anti-Israel demonstrations have been declared illegal. Nevertheless, despite the ban, there are many anti-Israel demonstrations that have to be regularly stopped by the German police.

Another aspect highlighted in these reports is the difficult situation of part of the Palestinian population in Germany. There have been threats against schools that might be bombed, one of these threats apparently coming from Hamas. Although the police so far do not consider these threats to be an immediate danger, evacuation measures are nevertheless taken as a precaution if the suspicions arise.

What’s Not Being Said

Despite the stance of solidarity with Israel, news reports often lack information about important events, such as the regular rocket fire on Israel. There are daily reports of Israeli bombardments in the Gaza Strip, but at the same time readers are not told that rockets are still being fired at Israel, where it is clear that they are not aimed at military targets, but at places with many civilians, mostly in residential areas.

What is also often overlooked in the reporting is the difference in intentions behind these attacks. While Hamas terrorists target civilian locations, Israel attacks rocket launchers, weapons bunkers, and places where leaders of the Hamas organization are located. These aspects are often treated neutrally or speculatively in news reports without sufficiently elaborating the differences in intentions.

What We Think

It is of great importance to present a clear picture of Hamas as a terrorist organization that specifically targets civilians. This can be evidenced by a variety of images, video footage, and statements that should have a greater presence in the media. It is crucial to educate the public about Hamas's activities to ensure a clear distinction between peaceful Palestinians and the terror group.

In order to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the situation, news channels could provide more background information. Here, it is particularly important to inform viewers about issues such as war crimes. The reasons for Israel's attacks and their legal justification should also be covered in more detail, particularly with regard to whether this conflict can be analyzed at all by the Geneva Conventions. More detailed reporting can help the public develop a deeper understanding of the situation in the Middle East.

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